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Commercial & Domestic Natural Water Solutions

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TWC International is an Australian water environmental company that specialises in effectively treating polluted lakes, reservoirs, rivers, canals, and treatment ponds. We provide a water treatment approach that combines the application of our water bioremediation technology with a deep understanding of water microbial ecosystems. This enables us to deliver environmentally friendly long-term water solutions whose benefits have been demonstrated both practically and scientifically.


Our bioremediation technology and know-how have been developed and tested over many years working in the Australian and international water sector including:


  • Recreational and industrial water systems
    (lakes, reservoirs, rivers, canals, sewage ponds).

  • Industrial treatment ponds, farm dams and
    livestock drinking troughs.

  • Aquaculture (shrimp and
    fish hatcheries, oyster farms).

  • R&D programs (commercial and academic).

and the return of waterway ecology. If your
and healthier water with increased aquatic life
All our project results have delivered cleaner
water system is affected by water issues our
the team can provide a full analysis and proposal
for an effective and environmentally
friendly solution.

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Australian Environmental Company 

is treating Polluted lakes, rivers and ponds


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