TWC has brought together two of the finest Australian Universities,
Curtin University and University of Western Australia, to study the
impact of TWC Blocks on the microbiome ecology of the water system.


Prof Ravi Fotedar, from Curtin University, experienced in fishery production and industrialisation, has assigned this project to one of his top PhD students, Mr M Javed Foysal. Dr Alfred Chin Yen Tay, from the University of Western Australia, Marshall Centre for Infectious Diseases Research and Training, experienced in Next Generation Sequencing technology, will co-supervise Mr M Javed Foysal by providing microbiome analysis training. Mr Javed Foysal, in his next four years of PhD studies, shall combine the experiences from two diverse disciplines and with the support of TWC, will understand and improve the current water microbiome ecology, ultimately improving the environment and potentially create a positive impact in the fishery industry.


TWC Block, acting as a shelter and nutrient source, provides the ability to house a diverse range of healthy micro-organisms. These microbiomes are hypothesized not only to provide a food source to the higher marine life but also to neutralize the accumulated waste excreted from the marine life. The first aim is to create a database of microbiomes colonising on the TWC block. Then, find out the key microbes that provide the essential enzymatic pathways that have a positive impact on the water ecology.


With such knowledge, we can then modify the TWC formula to encourage the colonisation of a specific group of microbes to provide a specific function.


TWC International must thank Prof Adam Osseiran, ECU, for assisting in this research collaboration. Under the advice of the Swan River trust, TWC meets the global water standards ANZECC (2000) water quality guidelines and the UN Globally Harmonised System (GHS) as a 100% non-toxic product.
Prof Ravi Fotedar
Professor of Aquaculture
Faculty of Science and Engineering, Curtin University


M Javed Foysal, MSc, 
PhD Student Agriculture and Environment, Curtin University Assistant Professor Department of Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology
Shahjalal University of Science and Technology


Associate Prof Adam Osseiran
Edith Cowan University, School of Engineering


Inventor Robert Morgan
Chairman MEC, TWC International


Alfred Chin Yen Tay Research Fellow Marshall
Centre for Infectious Diseases Research and Training
Helicobacter Research Laboratory University of Western Australia
Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences| School of Biomedical Sciences

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