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Commercial & Domestic Natural Water Solutions

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keeping your
Ponds & Aquariums


Naturally occurring aquatic bacterial group, the Bacillus spp play a crucial role in nutrient recycling that results in provision of food source for other microorganisms. Their presence results in eliminating ammonia and nitrite and lower nitrate and phosphate levels from aquatic ecosystems.

Value & Benefits
  • Greatly reduced maintenance -more time between cleaning filters.

  • Enhance filter efficiency 

  • Less frequent water changes

  • Healthier water with fewer fish infections

  • Completely natural and environmentally friendly

  • Inexpensive to buy

  • Saves you on costs and time 

  • Very easy to use (we have a range of product to suit your aqurarium or pond)


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SAMSUNG ES65, ES67 _ VLUU ES65, ES67 _93
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