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Commercial & Domestic Natural Water Solutions

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TWC is a critical part of all hatchery systems especially when breeding shellfish and crustaceans. Shellfish and crustaceans require glutamine in its available form. This can only be delivered to their bodies through the consumption of bacillus bacteria. TWC maintains a constant flow of available bacillus bacteria at a natural rate that is found in the wild, therefore increasing the hardness of their shell and improving the digestive system of the larvae.

By maintaining your bacillus populations within your tanks with TWC, also provides disease resistance as bacillus produce over 65 natural antibiotics.

Following up with TWC in the field for grow-out maintains this natural antibiotic production, therefore eliminating disease from your water naturally.


This suppresses early mortality syndrome and increases yields from 26% to 100% in end weight on harvest.




TWC is a critical part of all


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