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Suitable for Salt Water and Chlorine Swimming Pools. Keeps your Swimming Pool Crystal Clear and stabilizes chemical usage. 


    • Healthier Water
    • Improves Water Clarity
    • Reduces chemical usage
    • Improves efficiency of pool pump
    • Reduce monthly pool pump run time
    • Acts as a natural flocculant
    • Completely natural, safe and environmentally friendly

    The Water Cleanser Swimming Pool Block

    • Place the Water Cleanser block in the skimmer box. Depending on water temperature, full effects can be seen within 2-4 weeks.

      1 Block (230g) treats pools up to 15,850 gal.
      Do not use with Flocculants and UV filters.
      Replace every 3 months, leaving the old product in place for a one week overlap.
      Not suitable for hot tubs or pools over 93 º F
      Do not leave product in direct sunlight when out of water as it will melt!  Place the block in the shade while cleaning your pool.