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Soil oxygenation in the environment is a critical part of nature being
able to maintain the health of a water body. Basically it stops the natural
toxic dead zone from polluting the waterways and keeps the nitrification process active as this predominantly occurs in this oxygenated soil section.


Deoxygenation of surface soil generally occurs when a waterway is overwhelmed with excess large organic waste particles and the natural bacteria breaking down this waste to ammonia for the nitrification process require more oxygen than is available in the water system, so they take the oxygen from the soils which then starts a chain reaction of unhealthy water as the dead zone soil is now polluting the waterway with Sulphur as well. This chain reaction stops nitrification bacteria from working in the sediments as they require that oxygen to operate, so Cyanobacteria quickly takes over.


How does TWC Block oxygenate surface soil?

Breaking down large waste particles requires a lot of oxygen. Probiotic species Bacillus can do this process without the oxygen drain on the water system because it can use nitrate for its respiration, breaking down large waste solids to ammonia without the oxygen drain. This in turn allows oxygen naturally to come back into the water system and the excess oxygen then is taken up by the soils, which stops the pollution from the dead zone soil and restarting the nitrification cycle bacteria. This then begins the full recovery of the water body.

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