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The Swan River Trust has been following the progress of TWC for several years with the science becoming credible though Universities. 


Their final requirement before field testing was to do toxicology testing in an independent laboratory recommended by them to meet the UN global water standards ANZECC (2000) water quality guidelines and the UN Globally Harmonised System (GHS) which requires 4 testing schedules. These tests where established to show how many delicate ecological species were killed in a waterway on product implementation. To go into any natural water body in the world by UN Global standards you must show in 4 of these tests a level above 940 meaning your product can only kill under 6% of delicate ecological species. 


To meet the Swan River Trust levels for the Swan River we had to show over 8 of these tests a level above 960, meaning our product could only kill under 4% of delicate ecological species. 


The Water Cleanser achieved a level of 1000+ at a dose rate 150 times over our recommended dosage rate. 


Dr Tristan Stringer from the toxicity laboratory Intertek informed us that The Water Cleanser is the first product ever tested under UN Global standards that do not have a toxicity rating and it is the first product ever tested to these standards that improved the survival rates of delicate ecological species.  



Several state and local agencies in the USA were not ready to accept this testing, so a NELAC certified lab has also provided an Acute 96 hour Toxicity test and a Volatile Organic Compound test. [Results]



UN Global Standards

ANZEC (2000) water quality guidelines and


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